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With lower tuition costs and shorter pathways to high-paying jobs in a growing economy, there are many advantages to attending a skilled trade school in Florida.

Maybe when you were a high-school senior, like many others, you weren’t quite sure what to pursue after graduation. As a result, many graduating teens enter universities or take on entry-level jobs while still figuring out their future vision.

College isn’t the path for everyone.

Unfortunately, several students abandon their courses of study when they are not fully invested or when life changes complicate their schooling plans. In fact, only approximately 15% of those enrolled in bachelor’s programs and about 38% enrolled in associate’s degree programs finish their studies in six years. And first-year college students comprise 30% of college dropouts, according to While these students walk away without a degree, they will carry whatever loan debts they incur.

University studies are the right path for some students, but when others don’t find their success path on a college campus, they can often feel disillusioned with their options.

Learning a skilled trade can open doors in a growing economy.

Florida is an excellent state for skilled trade jobs, as the economy is booming due to many people and businesses migrating to the Sunshine State. In 2021, Florida boasted the 15th largest economy in the world, meaning job opportunities abound in the flourishing economy.

So, if you realized college didn’t tap into your talents or simply isn’t for you, and you’re looking for a faster track to a bright future, here are five reasons you should consider attending a trade school in Florida.

  1. You can expect lower costs. Degree costs will vary between schools and studies, but trade schools cost students significantly less than four-year colleges. Coming out of school with sought-after skills but without incurring large debts is a great way to begin a career path. Florida Trade Academy offers several affordable tuition options and partnerships for scholarship opportunities.
  2. You don’t have to have been a top honors student to get into trade school. Getting through a college’s doors can require meeting several strict entrance requirements like GPAs, entrance exams, and essays. Trade schools offer non-traditional learners, adults wanting to pivot careers, or GED holders post-secondary pathways that use hands-on, real-life learning with a more straightforward entry process.
  3. The best trade schools offer job assistance. When you’re putting your time, talents, and energy into learning a new set of employment skills, you want to feel sure you’ll have job options coming out of your trade training. The best trade schools set their students up for success. At Florida Trade Academy, we’re proud of the strong partner relationships that help us guide our students toward a promising career start.
  4. Trade schools offer training for in-demand fields in Florida and beyond. Trade school education prepares students for high-demand careers, especially in a state like Florida, where construction and hospitality are ever-growing industries. Also, essential jobs like plumbing, HVAC, and electrician will always be in demand, despite economic climate changes.
  5. Trade school graduates earn a high average salary. The average salary of a trade school graduate in Florida is $50.000, with many jobs paying upwards of $80,000. Focused studies mean students are out in the real world earning solid incomes in a faster time.

Florida Trade Academy is a trade school like no other in Florida. We designed our programs with the needs of adult learners in mind, who have busy lives and family obligations. Our school’s classes are primarily delivered virtually with options for on-site, live attendance. We equip each student with a tablet to access their courses and offer incredible support to guide students from learning a trade to confidently gaining employment. Please contact us if you’d like to talk to one of our team members about our construction or hospitality trade programs.

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