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Florida Trade Academy is a pre-apprenticeship program designed to prepare you with the hands-on training, practical skills and core courses needed to get started on a path toward career success and satisfaction in the trades. After completing a pre-apprenticeship program, you will be enrolled in a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) to receive your license and certification, as well as employed with a trade company in your favored field to “earn while you learn” and connect with employers to put your skills to work.

How We Do It

Hands on Training

Learn From Experts

Work Experience

Apprenticeship Preparation

Earn Certification

Connect with Employers

High-Demand Careers


If electrical equipment sparks your interest, charge ahead toward a satisfying apprenticeship and successful career as an electrician. Our Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship program teaches you the skills to install, repair, modify and maintain electrical systems that power the equipment that makes lives better and brighter.

Is your future up in the air? Focus your energy on pursuing an HVAC career. In the HVAC Pre-Apprenticeship program, you will receive the hands-on training to install, repair, service and troubleshoot a full range of both residential and commercial air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems to keep people and places comfortable.

Clear the way to career success as a licensed plumber. Get started by enrolling in the Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship program, which prepares you for a plumbing apprenticeship by providing hands-on training in plumbing practices, safety, tool usage, blueprint interpretation and maintenance of plumbing systems to tap into a brighter future.

Put the pedal to the metal and go full-speed ahead toward a sheet metal career. In the Sheet Metal Pre-Apprentice program, you will learn how to design, manufacture and install sheet metal equipment and sculptures to prepare for an apprenticeship program and a career that can take shape in a wide range of industries.

Change your life by saving the lives and property of others. The Sprinkler Fitter Pre-Apprenticeship program provides you with hands-on training in designing, installing and repairing automatic fire protection systems to gain entry into an apprenticeship program and a career that lets you spend your life saving others.

The sky’s the limit on your success with a roofing career. Start at the top with our Roofing Pre-Apprenticeship program to gain hands-on skills and experience in building, maintaining and repairing roofs to get into an apprenticeship program and a career that takes you above and beyond your expectations.

Have you always wanted to build a career in carpentry? The Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship program prepares you to enter a construction apprenticeship program by introducing you to the construction tools, techniques, language and calculations essential for crafting a solid career in the carpentry industry.

Becoming a pipe fitter can be a pipeline to success. The Pipe Fitting Pre-Apprenticeship program teaches you how to measure, construct, install, repair and maintain piping systems to prepare you to skillfully enter an apprenticeship program and connect with a network of industry employers.

There is a shortage of skilled laborers in the United States.
— Society of Human Resources, 2019 report

Approximately 40% of college students drop out before completing their degree, while less than 2% of trade schools don’t complete their programs.
— StrataTech Education Group, 2019 survey